Roger Minton

CTO & Senior Technology Leader

I don't just look like Santa Claus.
I am Santa Claus.


Roger Minton is a Senior Technology Leader with over 15 years of experience leading teams and solving complex problems. He’s been the CTO at Qinship for two years, where he leads their engineering organization and oversees tech strategy. Roger has spent time in the tech industry working with some of the latest and greatest software and services such as: Kubernetes, Docker, ReactJS, Angular and more.

When not working to build amazing technology from scratch, Roger performs as a Professional Santa Claus every winter holiday season! He also loves to read books (a lot), go camping with his family or adventuring on his own (he was camping for 113 days during the 2020 COIVD Pandemic), or just spend time at home reading about new technologies that are coming out. In his spare time, Roger enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, 3d printing, Magic and of course, Christmas.

Roger has two boys who are full of gaming energy and a lovely artistic wife.

Technology Leader, Software Architect, Santa Claus

Roger is a Technology leader currently working at Qinship building the next generation of Direct to Consumer funnel marketing software.

  • e-mail: rminton [at] mintonmagic[.]com
  • Freelance: Limited availability
  • Specialties: Operating a global logistics shipping network based out of The North Pole that delivers around the world in a single night.

Passion. It's what drives all of us to do what we do. I have a passion for many things. I love taking a problem and applying a technological solution to it. The idea is to make a process or problem easier with Technology. When done the right way, we all can see the benefits. What is better than making a problem or process easier with technology? Walking into a room full of people of all ages, portraying the Jolliest man in history. Watching young kids and adults and their eyes light up when Santa walks into the room is simply awesome.

Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered how many elves work at the North Pole? Or how about how many years I've been in the technology industry?

  • I've been in the technology industry for over 15 years, starting in 1999. I built my first static website with Microsoft© Notepad.
  • I'm a big Harry Potter™ fan. I'm a Ravenclaw!
  • I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons with my wife, kids and our friends.
  • I love performing magic. I've been doing magic since I was 6 years old.
  • There are 967 elves at The North Pole
  • The elves and I love to have Nerf™ Gun wars!
  • My favorite cookie is a warm White Chocolate Macademia Nut cookie.
  • All of my reindeer are female. Male reindeer drop their antlers in October and November.


My objective is to use my development and leadership skills to help bring the people I meet build better products, services, offerings and a better version of themselves.


Roger Minton

Analytical E-Commerce Guru with over 15 years of developing e-commerce solutions for both B2C and B2B companies. Also, Santa Claus

  • Fowlerville, Michigan
  • rminton [at] mintonmagic [dot] com


Visual Imaging and Web Design

2002 - 2004

Oakland Technical Center - Southwest Campus, Wixom, MI

Studied visual design and web programming. Learned the basics and advance techniques of Digital Photography, Digital Illustration, Web Design, PHP Application Design and more. Earned Core Certificate, Flash Certificate, Web Design Certificate

College Prep

2001 - 2004

South Lyon High School, South Lyon, MI

College Prep course for Visual Design and Computer and web programming.

Professional Experience


January 2021 - Present

Qinship LLC, Chicago, IL

  • Chief Technology Officer in charge of company technology oversight
  • Worked intimately with CEO on department expense budget
  • Organized and recruited development staff within resource budget
  • Analyzed Department Budget and cut costs by an average of 15%
  • Facilitated contractual sales of software for enterprise customers
  • Reviewed Company technology and made recommended changes
  • Implemented recommended technology changes and procedures
  • Analyzed and consulted on various in-house software solutions and proposed solutions to enhance or outsource development
  • Assisted and mentored the entire development team

Vice President of Engineering

February 2020 - December 2020

Qinship LLC, Chicago, IL

  • Senior technology executive leading all aspects of business analysis, development, QA, documentation, and packaging and delivery
  • Developed functional requirements documentation for digital projects to ensure final solutions mapped to identified business needs
  • Tracked project progress and reported to all internal / external stakeholders
  • Managed on-shore and off-shore development and quality assurance teams
  • Interfaced with directly with Clients and Clients' Technical Leadership

Vice President of Technology

August 2018 - February 2020

iSource Worldwide, Flint, MI

  • Chief technology executive leading all aspects of business analysis, development, QA, documentation, and packaging and delivery
  • Managed a team of 6-8 developers
  • Architected, designed, and developed a new core platform SaaS product (Web-to-Print E-Commerce)
  • Facilitated and ensured good communication of all information between the Development of the platform and the Sales Team
  • Outlined team goals and KPI's for the development and IT team
  • Identified and recruited team members for the PrintSites Development team
  • Developed functional requirements documentation for digital projects to ensure final solutions mapped to identified business needs
  • Tracked project progress and reported to all internal / external stakeholders
  • Researched and analyses market trend and produced business development
  • strategies to support the platform's features and enhancements
  • Successfully designed and developed all system phases, from hardware selection to system architecture to design/coding of initial code modules on various internal projects
  • Defined and enforced development, build and release processes
  • Staffed trade shows, Print(18|19)

Vice President of Technology

March 2018 - February 2020

Skypoint Ventures, Flint, MI

  • Assisted in maintaining the Skypoint technology with a 3rd party vendor
  • Assisted with managing and consulting on technology based needs for the company’s portfolio.
  • Prepared estimates, cost-saving options for new technology to bring the company and the portfolio companies up to date on technology.
  • Serve as the main liaison between a 3rd party vendor and Skypoint for various projects, such as upgrading backbone internet for 2 buildings
  • Analyzed a company’s software product for future growth and potential
  • Re-architected a web to print platform to allow for future growth and potential take over for the market
  • Analyzed the needs of a 7-story co-working facility and implemented a full networking and wireless strategy to be executed for the growth of the next 5 years
  • Analyzed and consulted on various in-house software applications for outsourcing the design and development to third party companies.
  • Stepped into a portfolio company as Sr. VP of Technology to assist in re-launching the company ​(in process as of 08/2019)

Associate Director of Development

September 2016 - February 2020

Latcha+Associates, Farmington Hills, MI

  • Assisted and helped mentor a team of 45 developers
  • Served as a core member in planning, estimating and management of multiple cross-skill set teams
  • Prepared numerous estimates, cost-saving options, and architecture processes to enhance overall operations of the development team
  • Spearheaded the design, architecture and development of a White Label Marketing Operations Center application which enables the company to sell to multiple clients across industries
  • Served as the main liaison between the IT Department and the development team to ensure proper server requirements, change control and environment setup
  • Developed and planned procedures and policies on setting up and maintaining development, user acceptable testing (UAT), and production environments
  • Cooperated with IT to implement best practices and software for development code version systems using GIT
  • Served as a core member in designing and documenting procedures for how Marketing Analytics will be collected

Software Development Manager

November 2015 - August 2016

Latcha+Associates, Farmington Hills, MI

  • Worked with project managers, account executives, creative team, copy/proof writing team, and upper management to ensure deliverables were met on multiple projects
  • Actively developed, maintained, planned and launched new features on the Marketing Operations Center applications
  • Actively managed, designed, and estimated the delivery of 35+ million CRM emails per year for the company’s clients
  • Managed and maintained 45% of the companies projects, ensuring deliverables were met
  • Served as core developer to plan, facilitate and launch Campaign Page and Microsites for additions to the CRM Email Communications
  • Actively managed a team of 7 developers that worked on multiple projects
  • Transitioned the development team and company from Bugzilla Issue tracking to the industry standard software, JIRA
  • Designed, planned and launched customized workflows for all projects using the JIRA Software
  • Served as a lead member in planning, launching and created a process for documenting all projects with the Confluence software (wiki)
  • Designed, developed and maintained multiple in-house software tools to increase productivity

Senior Software Developer

January 2015 - November 2015

Latcha+Associates, Farmington Hills, MI

  • Served as a core developer in defining, estimating, and developing core features in the Marketing Operations Center application
  • Trained and mentored junior developers and programmers in programming methodologies and best practices
  • Developed, designed and implemented a customized Video Stitching solution to deliver targeted custom videos for end customers
  • Successfully deployed 1.5 million emails with customized videos for end consumers on the first launch of the solution
  • Interacted with project managers, account executives and clients to translate business requirements into development requirements

IT Director

July 2011 - March 2017

Roxo, Sylvan Lake, MI

  • Designed, architected, and developed a customized E-Commerces web system from business requirements in 45 days
  • Developed a coordinating back office admin portal to facilitate business operations
  • Transitioned the company from a single shared web server to a global multi tier, load-balanced, scalable system
  • Incorporated business and financial requirements into a cost-effective, secure reporting suite for the accounting and financial departments
  • Conceptualized, designed, planned and launched a new website user experience focused on being Search Engine Optimized enabling the company to compete for search traffic
  • Enhanced production through integrating barcode systems with e-commerce system
  • Integrated Electronic Data Interchange with e-commerce system and increased productivity by 1300%
  • Initiated IT Policies to harden security within the company and enhanced measures for password security requirements on in-house and 3rd party software solutions
  • Developed step-by-step training manuals for users of in-house systems and training sessions for all software
  • Transitioned the company from a legacy phone system to a VoIP based phone system with automated Interactive Voice Response menus
  • Led, architected and designed the testing and deployment procedures for all in house software solutions
  • Monitored and managed email servers, spam filters, firewalls and anti-virus systems
  • Installed and maintained security camera system


Roger isn’t a developer who understands business, he is a business man who can code.

David Kizer


Roger Minton is an expectational developer that has the ability to manage an entire development department in a systematic proven approach that I was part of in two very successful companies with Roger. He has led massive enterprise system for fortune 250 companies that resulted in Millions of dollars in sales. As a result of his development and management skills he has an outstanding ability to architect a software platform to meet the needs of the customer as well as ensuring the company has the best setup for profitability.

Greg Ramfos